Wyrmling: First Hunt is a  reaction- and strategy-based infinite sidescroller created in two days for #LOWREZJAM.  Aim for a high score while savagely devouring anything that moves, and the occasional robin egg. Don't forget to sneak away from enemies, and sneak up on prey!

What you can eat:

  • Birds: difficult to approach without startling, but worth the most points when pounced upon.
  • Bird eggs: they won't even see you coming.
  • Stray campers: will run away unless you're very quiet, but they're pretty out of shape.

What you can't eat:

  • Spear traps: must be carefully jumped over. Watch out for prickly bits.
  • Wolves: fast and dangerous, but can't see anything below their own noses. Sneak until they're out of sight.

At a score of 200, you level up! With increased speed and jumping ability, you can snap birds out of the air, and soar backwards over charging wolves.

May require Chrome to play properly in-browser.


Up Arrow - Jump

Left/Right Arrows - Speed up and slow down

Down Arrow - Sneak!

Click to start or restart the game


Ben Codrington - Design, code, art, and sound, done in that order.

Written with the Phaser game framework. Music done in Bosca Ceoil.

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