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You come to your senses in line for a marvelous and fantastical carnival of incredible proportions. You can't remember why, precisely, but you're in line already so eh, what the hell.

Inside the park, there are a whole cast of interesting and insidious characters waiting to sell you stuffed animals and tickets, make shady deals with you, and maybe even consume your mortal flesh! What? Nothing. I didn't say anything.

So come on in, step right up, don't be shy! You'll have a great time in yonder amusement park, because honestly, what choice do you have?

Intrigue, candy apples, and certain death await you inside the park, so what are you waiting for?

Grab hold of the lotto-man's imposing handlebars and hang on for dear life!

Game by: Ben Codrington

Install instructions

The game is a single python file!

You should be able to just double click the downloaded file to run it.

If not, following this tutorial should do the trick.

Thanks for playing!


Python Download File 113 kB


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Neat stuff, nicely written and entertaining.


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed. =)

PC says it's a virus.

It definitely isn't. Python files CAN run code on your computer but you can look at the source code yourself it's just a text game I wrote by hand. Thanks for downloading, sorry for the trouble!